A r t i s t S t a t e m e n t

‘my working process at the moment is an extension of a Perceived Environment based on Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Multi-media. The work normally stems out of forms that we are familiar with and morphs itself with different ideas and gestures in the process of its making.

my approach to art is, in a way, a state of speculation on the Process in which any given work (that can be or may be, declared as a work of art) is capable of generating associations (distinctive or not) from an Accumulated Database of pre-existing Vocabulary.
the Autonomy of each Observer, fertile with a lifetime’s worth of Cumulative-Accumulations of Associations, is encouraged as an exercise, t o s l o w d o w n ,beconfused, not to haste unto a conclusion, observe the various myriad of associations that are evoked by the chosen forms.
Be with the narrative(s) that is co-created and assimilate elements that give rise to it based on subjective associations and formal parallels.

[ is there really a need for art to serve a given purpose ]

the interpretation of the work/form in question thus, is not entirely imposed , whereby the autonomous associations of the observer creates a meta-narrative as no supporting text is provided for to go with the work produced. i try to deconstruct the results to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

It is not exactly as though <anything goes> in interpretation but is now less an object to which criticism must conform than a free space in which it can sport. Sometimes I use titles to g u i d e / m i s g u i d e the observer to enable varied readings, creating a vague entry into the course of storytelling.

During the process of research and production new spheres of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.’