A r t i s t S t a t e m e n t

‘My working process at the moment is an extension of a perceived Environment based on Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Multi-media as an interdisciplinary practice. The work normally stems out of forms that we are familiar with and morphs itself with different ideas and gestures in the process of its making.

My approach to art is, in a way, an invitation to the viewer to enter a state of storytelling/myth building. Relying on the inquisitive faculty of the observer, fertile with a lifetime’s worth of experience, I like to encourage them to recall from their memories: feelings, sentiments and questions that are evoked by the forms contrived. The interpretation of the work/form in question is not dictated entirely by me, thus no supporting text is provided for to go with the work produced. Sometimes I use titles to guide/misguide the observer to enable multiple/varied readings.

During the process of research and production new spheres of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.’