A b o u t

a free spirited Maverick.

 upam draws from his everyday experiences, thinks, meditates on what he is thinking about, and transmutes these thoughts and experiences into artefacts as well.

 Cultures, Cosmos, and Consciousness awe him, and the intricacy with which these three co-exist, keeps him curious.

 Curiosity keeps him inspired, “Look around and you’ll realise that there is much yet to grasp, and the best part is, to question it all, time and again”.

 he identifies art as a medium to form unrestricted Associations between the Real and the Sur-Real, between the Innate to the Acquired; acting as a means where speculation about the multidimensional nature of our world takes place. sequentially, giving rise to elements of storytelling. 

 He is currently living and working in India and France.
Panel 1

A r t i s t S t a t e m e n t

EYES. external image. Absorption. Transformation. Registration.

filtered through our mind as it becomes part of a sophisticated network, trillions of intricate synapses transform the image. It is registered momentarily. Lost unless regurgitated in an effort of its revival. A certain cluster of neurons gives out a desperate cry. HANDS. It is a follow-through gesture that leaves a mark / during-after/ its synthesis, palpable. MAGIC.